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NACH OBEN 411) Arminius, 27.03.2014, 20:59, 23:41, 21:43 (833-835)


@ Contra-Nietzsche

First of all we „guys“ - as you call us (**) - have to say that English is not our first language. You know what I mean?

The critics are not aimed as Nietzsche in general and also not as Cezar in general but as his entirely private / personal problem with Germans (in general, which means: including North-Americans, Englishmen etc.), his ignorance of every scientific proof, especially his history-lies, and his pathological obsession believing totally in in the German philosophers Vollgraff, Nietzsche and other similiar idols. This pathological belief is very dangerous not only for us, but for him as well. You would have noticed that, if you would had read our posts more accurately. This boy takes every single word of his idols as the one and only truth - like a religious fundamentalist every single word of the accordingly „holy book“.

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„Cezar .... did translate Nietzsche's Letters ....“ **

No. He didn’t.

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„English isn’t his first language ....“ **

English isn’t our first language as well.

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„Nine out of Ten people here, from the moderator of this thread to the average poster in this section cant pull this off. Mock him, fine, but dont loose sight that however moronic his logic is, he is still likely more intelligent than you. Not in a useful idiot savant way like how Rainman could count stuff instantly and win big in Vegas, but in the sense like that Bosnian on Youtube became famous for excavating a hillside, claiming it to be a European Pyramid .... He has a very high degree of »Motivational Intelligence«, and is capable of closing in and accomplishing grandiose tasks normal people couldn't, even if they desired to. Luckily, most people dont want to such absurd things, but you gotta be very smart to go through and finish, and attract attention.“ **

You overestimate his intelligence. Although you said this in a more ironic or even cynical way, you should know that it is dangerous too supporting him in this way. I remind you: English is not my first language, and it is often not easy to find the right words in every situation of conversation. You know what I mean?

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„It's a Dalmatian trait, Cezar exhibits it, as the good Thracian he is. The Will to do Great, yet absurd things.“ **

You overestimate his intelligence and underestimate his will to power. He knows that a new world order is unavoidable, and the Germans - as the most powerful „race“ - as the rulers of the „old“ or recent world order have almost had their time. That's why a new world order is unavoidable.

Obviously Cezar doesn't know that the proclamation of George Bush sr. has been the North-American (= German) proclamation of the „New World Order“. Or he doesn't care about it because he says (probably rightly) that the time of the Germans is almost over anyway.

Cezarboy might be right with that statement but that was not the point which we were talking about when we were criticising him. The main point of my or even our critics was mentioned and maintained because of the danger (cp. above).

Cezarboy has a private interest in believing, e.g. believing in Spengler and Nietzsche: „If we believe Spengler, and Nietzsche, it is the turn on Slavs to do something within Europe. The time of Germans is over.“ (**). Unfortunately Nietzsche said nothing about that, and Spengler said that the Russians perhaps will be the new most powerful „race“ in the future, but not the Slavs at all, only the Russians. What a bummer for the Bosnian Cezarboy.


Insults, only insults! That shows us how much this boy is really frustrated!

Arminius wrote:

„Mithus wrote:

„Why do you bother, Arminius? He is therapy-resistent.“ **

You're right, Mithus. This boy is therapy-resistent. So it's useless to discuss with him.“ ** **

But sometimes I feel so sorry for that boy.

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„Why is this thread still going? Im not asking a mod this (buzz off) but Cezar ... no, I dont know German, and so yeah, you finally figured out a way to post without me knowing what your talking about ... the sole motivator for this tactical shift. Too bad I know three philosophers in Germany, and google translator is really, really good at translating German to English.

Truth is, I just don't care Cezar. You found a topic I dont care about ... bad German language history.

Im not either of those guys. Your Facebook (mostly MY links on YOUR Facebook) and being the sole member of your Ethics Forum, before you frantically destroyed it, was laugh enough for me. So long as I dont find evidence of you enslaving and killing in Eritrea or someplace random like that, I really dont care that much ..., but if you do, know Ill be coming after you.

So long as you post boring stuff on forums, and not return to your past antics from the Bosnian Wars ..., I dont care. I care if you accuse others of being me ..., they are not me. You know who I am. You know I really dont care about this stuff ....

Just stay illegally in Germany, read your anachronistic works, and post little nothings, but under no circumstances confuse me with them. I only read you, from time to time, to make certain your not putting theory to practice, inflicting torment on innocents in some will to power quest. You do that, we'll dance under a foreign sun. But in the meantime, these guys ..., they are just getting some well deserved laughs in. I'm not opposed to it, just not into it anymore.

Your going to be a senior citizen here soon, so weakness of body and senility should be kicking in under ten years. If you can make it that long without violating the geneva convention, I doubt we will talk again more than a handful of times.

But do know, I've learned how to cuss in your native language ... havent had cause to use it yet since, but its something you might hear shouted someday from a midnight jungle after another fool of your in a guard tower falls. That of course, only will happen if your insane enough to put theory into practice.

Just post online, and stay in Germany, and debate bad history books, and get laughed at, and all shall be fine. You wont likely hear from me ... so long as you dont insult me by accusing these guys as being me.“ **

You can't prevent it because he takes every chance. So he will insult you again.


Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„It's now quite apparent the core of this text is Nietzsche's last work, and he also goes though alot of effort to track down what Nietzsche's friends and doctors thought of Nietzsche (including a rather hilarious insight to his doctors in thinking that Nietzsche was clinically insane until one sat down and read his works, and realized he was always like that long before his collapse).“ **

„Apparent ....“ (**). But do you have any evidence or proof?


NACH OBEN 412) Arminius, 28.03.2014, 01:44, 05:23, 06:08, 22:51 (836-839)


Lev Muishkin wrote:

„(Non-)Historyboy wrote:

»It is conditioned through climates in the North. This has destroyed their social life, made out of them family-people, and from this came the desire for secrecy (Heim => Heimlich) which is opposed to truthfulness. For this reason they even hate truth, and their women successfully maintain secret love-relationships, and superstition and fantasy are in the spotlight.« “ **

What an amusing mixture of environmental determinism blended with pure racism; and of course, in complete denial of all the facts of the matter. Ho ho ho.“ **

It is. And he doesn't give any evidence or proof. So that has nothing to do with science, nothing to do with philosophy, nothing to do with technique (technology) nothing to do with (... put in ...) because it is only speculation, bumbledom, imposture, exhibitionism, and nothing else.

Only bubbles and nothing else.

Karl Marx said once: „Religion is opium for the people.“ Something near was meant when I said: „My (Non-history) boy, I've told you over and over: Do not take drugs. But you did not listen to me, as I know now.“ (**|**). And also something near was meant when Mithus said: „Historyboy, Nietzsche CAN become a drug and one should be careful not to take an overdose!“ (**). Be careful when it comes to religion, especially to a new religion (or ideology because the latter is again and even more religion). But be careful too when it comes to anti-religion because that is even more religion. This is the goal of the nihilists: destroy and after that: it’s all a new religion. Cp. „Umwertung aller Werte“ (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche).


I give you an example for the almost proved fact that southern people are not made for philosophy, science, technique (technology), industry, economy, intelligence (brainpower), but made for religion and idolatry: the climate in the south makes the people more passive, lazy or even motionless (think of the Indian culture with its meditative people), but receptive to religion, but the climate in the north makes the people more active, busy, ..., etc.. The cause or reason therefor is a logical phenomenon which can easily be proved by science. We are endotherm animals, and endotherm animals produce their temperature by themselves (in their bodies). So if the ambient temperature is hot, endotherm animals get more passive, lazy, or even motionless, and if the ambient temperature is cold, endotherm animals get more active, busy, ..., etc.. High temperature means lazy endotherm animals, low temperature means busy endotherm animals. The logical implication for this eaxmple is:

If the climate is hot, then the endotherm animals are lazy.

p = the climate is hot.
q = the endotherm animals are lazy.
p --› q = the climate is hot, thus the endotherm animals are lazy.

Truth table for a logical implication:

pqp --› q

And we have the syllogistic form:

1. premise (propositio maior): Endotherm animals are lazy in hot climate zones.
2. premise (propositio minor): Human beings are endotherm animals.
Conclusion (conclusio): Human beings are lazy in hot climate zones.

This could still be continued, although it gets more and more difficult when it comes to proving the thesis that northern people are made for philosophy, science, technique (technology), industry, economy, intelligence (brainpower), while southern people are made for religion, but in all probability this thesis is true. Exceptions prove the rule. And the history has also shown that this thesis is true.


Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„Only thing I care about Cezar is his activity since the French Foreign Legion booted him out. He is the only demented Nietzschean I know with over two decades of obsession with war, and complete lack of moral compass. I mentored him before he went into the FFL, and now Im stuck policing him. If you hear of him going to the third world, let me know ....“ **

I will let you know. You really have been knowing Cezar for two decades? Would you mind telling me how old you are?

You may send me a private message.



Helandhighwater wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»›For want of a nail ....‹ Rational Metaphysics is the nail they were missing. All of the world would be different now if not for the want of that nail. .... You probably wouldn't even have heard of the name ›Einstein‹.« **

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail.

Einstein was wrong, that's the point you seem unable to comprehend, God did in fact play dice with the universe.“ **

Einstein was wrong - that is what I have been thinking since my first doubt about Einstein's general and special relativity theory.


NACH OBEN 413) Arminius, 29.03.2014, 01:20 (840)


First of all you should notice that my statement refers to the stupid statement in this stupid topic of this stupid thread. If one says „Germans (Americans, Englishmen) are not made for ...“ and „it is conditioned through climates in the north“ (**), it is not easy to take this one seriously. I have tried to take this one seriously ..., ... but if the climate influences behaviour and thinking (and it does, although we don't know how much), then it is not in that way which this one's stupid statement suggests.

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„Climate has little bearing on the ability to philosophise.“ **

Little is NOT nothing. What we are talking about is not only philosophy, but philosophy, AND science, AND technique (technology), AND industry, AND economy, AND intelligence (brainpower), AND so on.

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„Even in the hottest and most enervating climates it gets cool at night.“ **

Thus it would be better, if people in hot climates can change into colder climates, because in COLDER CLIMATES it is MORE COOL. That is logical, even tautological.

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„In any event, when you are hot and immobile you have more time to think.“ **

The most people can BETTER THINK, when they are IN MOTION (blood circulation, you know?).

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„Socrates, Plato and Aristotle did their thinking over a amphora of wine, in the cool of the Greek evening, or relaxing inside on a hot day; or shouting their ideas in the Pnyx in the middle of the day.“ **

This argument is NOT a contra-argument to my argument. You have even more evenings in cold lands.

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„Civilisation was born in the hottest lands of the Middle East, when the Cool Britannia was peopled by ignorant superstitious woad wearing barbarians.“ **

In the beginning of Kultur (= culture / civilisation) the hot climate is favourable indeed (because of the more fructuous grounds, the fruits, the harvest etc.), but LATER it is NOT. Why became the northern people the most important people of civilisation at all (= of the world) - that's the question. Because of the cooperation or interaction between philosophy, AND science, AND technique (technology), AND industry, AND economy, AND intelligence (brainpower), AND so on - that's the answer. And this is much more possible in lands with a cold climate. At last in this lands philosophy has even almost lost its worth because science, technique (technology), industry, economy, intelligence (brainpower) etc. have become more important than philosophy.

Philosophy is much needed in the beginning of Kultur (= culture / civilisation), but at last it is less needed because science, technique (technology), industry, economy, intelligence (brainpower) etc. have almost replaced it.

In other words: When it comes to Kultur (= culture / civilisation) hot climate is only favourable in the beginning, later it is unfavourable. The modern times of Kultur is Zivilisation (cp. Oswald Spengler) and this means e.g. in history of ideas or intellectual history that science, technique (technology), industry, economy, intelligence (brainpower) etc. have almost replaced philosophy.


NACH OBEN 414) Arminius, 30.03.2014, 21:29, 21:43 (841-842)


Mr. Reasonable wrote:

„Fracking is gonna save us all.“ **

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„Until that runs out and we are left drinking poisonous water.“ **

Mr. Reasonable wrote:

„Um ..., we have bottled water.“ **

YOU have and will have NOTHING because YOU have and will have NO POWER.


Try to think.



NACH OBEN 415) Arminius, 31.03.2014, 10:52, 19:43, 20:12, 23:10 (843-846)

Stopped Clock Paradox

James S. Saint wrote:

„But the question is, »Can you answer the question posed in this, Stopped Clock Paradox« (**) and explain why.“ **

I found two questions in that text:
1.) The answers to „Why?“
2.) Already a member?

My answers are:
1.) Yes, the answers to why.
2.) No, I am not already a member.

All jokes aside.

There are really no more questions on that side, James.

James S. Saint wrote:

„And to explain what is really happening would require a greater understanding of RM:AO.“ **

I should read your „RM:AO“, maybe here, James?


James S. Saint wrote:

„The question is »Which clock will stop?« and »Why?«

First try to answer that question using special relativity concepts (no actual math required). In special relativity, the speed of light must always remain constant relative to each and every observer regardless of his own speed or the speed of the light source. So the train observer must observe light traveling toward him at exactly the same speed as the station observer sees any light traveling to the station. The paradox is that in the provided situation and according to special relativity, the light must reach both observers at the same time, but obviously cannot ... and does not.“ **

I know Einstein's relativity theory very well, James. So that's not the problem.

The solution of your stopped clock paradox has to do with your rational metaphysics resp. your affectance ontology. In your theory the first or most fundamental force in nature is not the gravity, but the elctromagnetic force (especially the elctrostatic), as you said here and here. So your stopped clock paradox must have to do with photons and speed of light, with movement (especially: slowing)

James S. Saint wrote:

„This thread, toward the end, answers the question (if you can sort through the argumentation). If you are interested in RM:AO, a Unified Field Theory, you can read from several sites, one of which you mentioned (**) .... Or another RM:AO Fundamentals. Or in another thread here, A New Theory for a Quantum World, p14. But that one has a great deal of argumentation to skim through.“ **

If I will have enough time, I will read it.


I have just read your offered post.

James S. Saint wrote:

„There is one frame within the infinite number of possible frames of reference that is unique. I prefer to call it the »metaframe of absolute vacuum«. It is not a frame that can physically exist but is rather merely a reference much like absolute zero and infinity in mathematics. It can be approached but never reached. It is purely conceptual.

Within that metaframe, any potential to affect has one specific propagation speed based strictly upon the logic of an infinitely rapid change in potential traversing each infinitesimal point on a line in sequence. And because each point requires an infinitesimal amount of time and there are an infinite number of such points from zero to one, the propagation speed must be finite, and in RM:AO is defined as 1 propagation speed unit, »c00«. There is nothing else in existence with which to proclaim another relative motion reference frame so relativity and Lorentz equations cannot apply. The speed is only in reference to total non-existence.

That singular speed can never be anything but what it is simply because there is nothing with which to change it. It has no variables. But if one propagating affect crosses the path of another, the speed of each becomes affected, specifically slowed. And since any physically existent universe must have affects traveling in all direction all of the time (absolute zero being impossible), every region of real space is slowing every affect traveling through it. If one thinks about deep space between the galaxies, one must realize that all of the stars can be seen from every point and thus every point is always flooded by light. Deep space is at least an ocean of photons. And each photon, being a traveling affect, slows the others. The resultant rate of propagation is referred to as »c0« in physics.

But unlike c00, c0 has variables that can alter it; the density of affectance as well as any motion of one region compared to another. So c0 can actually change for each region of space relative to c00, which cannot change.

This ability for c0 to be different from region to region is what allows the appearance of the speed of light to be the same for each observer even when an observer is moving relative to the others. The observer's measured speed of light, c0, is not exactly the same for every observer, but can be extremely close.

In the physical universe, each object carries with it, its own small region of space. The object, being made merely of the affectance within a small region constitutes a »moving region of space«. And as light travels through such a region, the speed of that light is altered. If the light is opposite to the moving region (»object« or »observer«), the light will slow more than if headed in the same direction. If the light has the same vector as the object and the object were to be traveling at the speed of light, obviously the light speed would not be affected. And if the light's vector is opposite to that of the object, its propagation rate is severely affected by the oncoming object even to the point of being stopped, »hitting the object«.

In early physics, this effect was thought to be an »aether drag« affect (introduced by Augustin Fresnel circa 1800). Through an incomplete understanding of their »aether«, they presumptuously attributed properties to aether which are not the actual behavior of a region of affectance and thus ended up disproving their own »aether«'s existence. In reality, they merely disproved their presumptions about it which had become its definition.

When an affect travels through a region of affectance orthogonally to the region's motion, the motion of the region has very little »drag« consequence upon the propagation of the affect (none in the case of a simple affect). Light is not dragged sideways even though slowed from head on. This is an issue with which they were not aware in the 19th century and thus had defined aether as a substance with impossible properties.

With that one concept realized, the observer effects become mathematically coherent and the Stopped Clock paradox disappears. The light entering the region of each observer is altered to better match the speed of that region. And with any two observers, there is always a third in between having an in between consequence.

Augustin Fresnel and Hendrik Lorentz and I'm sure other members of the Royal Society actually had it very close to exactly right. But it only takes one non-logic presumption to establish eschatology (Nullius in verba).

So the resolution to the real situation proposed by the scenario is that in a »perfect vacuum« between the observers, neither clock would stop because both clocks are moving from center. And the reason experiments indicate an observer dependent speed of light, is simply because the speed of light in a real region adjusts to closely match that region, but not perfectly. More exact measurements will show that difference (unless they presume pure relativity when recording data, in which case, they only get the data they presumed into existence).“ **

James, do you want to reintroduce the theory of ether - at least partially?


Skakos wrote:

„Mad Man P. wrote:

»God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.« **

So true.
We, like spoiled children, think we know better than our mother Nature.
I hope she - as all mothers - forgives us after all the things we DID ....“ **

Maybe this is the neo-pagan prayer. It is similar to the pantheism, which claims that God and nature are the same. At least it is a Rousseauism: „Back to nature". What about a different belief and a different religion?

I hope, we forgive our „mother nature“ after all the things she DID ....


NACH OBEN 416) Arminius, 01.04.2014, 00:49, 13:33, 18:30 (847-849)


James S. Saint wrote:

„Affectance Ontology doesn't presume the existence of anything other than what has no choice but to exist, »affect«. But the logic based upon that one fact leads to an aether-like substance that necessarily fills all space. And as MM (= Mechanical Monster) stated (**), that substance isn't merely the medium in which other things travel called »aether«, but rather it is the actual substance of all things, period. And with close investigation, the reason for light appearing to travel at a constant speed relative to every observer can be realized without having to bend spacetime or play with extra dimensions or reversing time.

It is actually all pretty simple, just different than people have been taught.“ **

Especially since Einstein’s relativity theory became dominant.


@ Contra-Nietzsche

Arminius is a well choosed name for the antipode to Caesar and all the other Caesars (including this „Cezarboy“ here).

Caesar and Arminius lived nearly at the same time - Caesar died 28 years before Arminius was born -, Caesar was the embodiment of getting powerful by money, and Arminius was the embodiment of getting powerful by virtues (e.g. of his tribe). Arminius defeated the ancient Romans because the virtues defeated the money. Rome at this time was merely a decadent civilisation and ruled merely by money. If Caesar had not defeated the Gauls, he would have lost all his power and probably committed suicide. Today the Dollar Empire has very similar problems like the ancient Roman Empire had at Ceasar’s time.

In the year 9 Arminius defeated the ancient Romans by annihilating three legions of Augustus’ army - Augustus was the first Ceasar after Ceasar (himself!) -, and Augustus despaired of that fact.

At that time the ancient Romans had reached their maximum of power, but had similar birthrates as we have today because they were just as decadent as we are today. They tried to replace the lack of children by slaves who were captured by war and brought into colonies. But at last the decadence had been stronger, so the Romans became less and less, the Germans became more and more the Imperium Romanum, and at last the Germans conquered the Imperium Romanum also by military actions.

I am a part of the contemporary Dollar Empire and call myself „Arminius“, this „Cezarboy“ here is not a part of the contemporary Dollar Empire - so he cries „Dollar-u akhbar!“ (**) - and calls himself „Cezar“. But why do I argue like an ancient Roman at the time of Caesar and „Cezar“ like a modern German at the time of Dollar? And why do I defend the situation of a German at the time of Ceasar and „Cezar“ the situation of Caesar at the time of Dollar? Why do I defend the virtues and „Cezar“ the money? Who of us searches profit?

Since the beginnig of modern times in the Occident (in German: Abendland, which means „evening land“) science, technique, economy, intelligence (brainpower) and so on has been becoming more important than philosophy, llike I said (**). Northern people need no more philosophy - accept the one which has been belonging to them since the beginning of their Kultur: Faustian philosophy which is the one and only occidental or northern philosophy. Faustian means German, means occident, means northern (in contrast to Asia, Africa, Indigenous America, Indigenous Australia, and Eastern Europe). Faustian means science, technique, economy, intelligence (brainpower) and so on.


„Nationalistic thoughts“ (**) ?  That says the one who propagandises rassism and sexism.

Here come some facts, data, and numbers:

CountryBirthratesFertility rates Year
Burkina Faso 446.02010

Can you get this? Can you understand what the facts are talking about?

You said: „low birthrates are everywhere“ (**). For you „everywhere“ is in Bosnia, isn't it? Look at the facts, data, and numbers! Get the truth finally! And stop dreaming!

The birthrates and fertility rates (these are even more meaningful) in Black Africa (Sub-Saharan Africa) are the highest in human history - which means that they are higher than ever before.

These are facts, which you don't know. You don't want to have anything to do with science, thus with facts, data, and numbers, because you are an speculator from the east and a little bit south where speculation AND ONLY speculation is domiciled. Northern and of course western is the so called Occidental culture / civilisation which has conquered the whole globe, and so the whole globe is more or less a occidental civilisation. I am not proud of that. And what does that have to do with nationalism? Nothing - except anti-nationalism (which is even more nationalism). You know nothing about that.

Your thoughts are outdated because they have nothing to do with reality, nothing to do with life and nothing to do with science. You ignore or don't want have to do anything with science, technique, economy and so on, but these factors have been dictating us and our development since the beginning of modernity - and not philosophy, even not Nietzsche's philosophy (unfortunately or fortunately). The most of philosophy is as outdated as the most of your „thoughts“.


NACH OBEN 417) Arminius, 02.04.2014, 16:33, 22:18, 23:00 (850-852)


@ Contra-Nietzsche

You can „run away from money“ (**) and nevertheless defend money. How? For example by doing and saying one thing without awareness (consciousness) and the other thing with awareness (consciousness). The decadent „Cezar“ is a good example for that behaviour and verbal behaviour.

Money has been belonging to our culture / civilisation since it was invented and introduced. Every coin shows you that money has two sides. Money is good and bad. Instead of „bad“ I nearly also can say „evil“ (cp. Friedrich W. Nietzsche who has philologically and philosophically made clear the difference between „bad“ and „evil“). When I mentioned the word „money“ in my next-to-last post (**), it was not meant on a value basis, but on a factual basis.

I think, cultures and especially civilisations are not only „games“ (**), as you said, they are games AND even more its contrary.

Some people are interested in making the other people stupid. And because of that they want the mass of people to have less or even no more knowledge, no more wisdom etc. at all because this mass of humans can easily be replaced by machines (e.g. robots and androids) which are lovely slaves because this servants never rebell, if they are well constructed by their constructers (architects). This is and will be not a „game“ (**), but this are and will be scientific, technical, engineering (also social engineering), economical, political, social, and, last but not least, cultural / civilised (more: civilisationised) FACTS! Faustian it is, and that means in terms of Kultur: Occidental it is, and that means in geographical terms: Northern European and Western European it is, and that means in historical terms: German it is. Shall we complain about its advanced decline after thousands of years?

In the meantime the FACTS are going on.

For this and the following century, or even the entire future there are two or even three possibilities of human development left:

1) Extinction of all human beings (and even more beings) in this or the following century,
2) The „world“ of „the last men“ („die letzen Menschen“ [Friedrich W. Nietzsche]) will be totally installed and last forever,
3) A new regional Kultur will arise (but I don't believe in this although it wouldy be the best of this three possibilities).

If the mass of humans had, have, or will ever have a knowledge of that and a „free will“ or a „free decision“, than this mass of humans would not have decided, would not decide, or will not decide to become slaves.


Antithesis wrote:

„Aren't you a Nietzschean?

Are you Southern European?“ **

That's the question. I think: Yes, he ist a totalitarian Nietzschean(ist), and yes, he is a little bit Southern European, more Eastern European, exactly Eastern-and-a-little-bit-Southern European. I know him. He is a Bosnian.

Antithesis wrote:

„I think it's likely the reverse of what he's saying.“ **

Exactly! You are totally right.“

Antithesis wrote:

„Cold climates lead to introversion, because you can't always go outside and play, you're left with books and your own mind as entertainment, contemplation, imagination, meditation, reflection. Cold climates are less conducive to emotion, and thus, more conducive to reason. Cold climates produce people who have to think long range in order to survive, like in order to store food for the winter, construct adequate clothing, shelters, etcetera. Philosophers also have to think about things that're abstract and broad in scope.“ **

I agree.

Antithesis wrote:

„Yes, cold climates are more conducive to producing INTPs or Js, in Jungian typology, and as we've seen previously, in other threads, most people who're interested in philosophy, tend to be INTJs or Ps, for fairly obvious reasons, obvious to me. And where do we find philosophy and philosophers of note, but in Europe, in colder climates, particularly in the North, in Britain, in France, in Germany, and to a lesser extent, in Spain, in Italy, and not in Morocco, in Egypt, certainly not in Sub-Saharan Africa, in the warmest of climates.“ **

Southerners are made for religion.

Antithesis wrote:

„As for the lying bit, perhaps southerners are more extroverted and less able/willing to withhold information, less willing to conceal, but that doesn't mean the information they do reveal is of higher quality, on the contrary, southerners tend to babble, speak hastily unmethodically.“ **

Southerners are made for religion, and, of course, babbling.

Antithesis wrote:

„People in colder climates can run and hide more, but they're also more individualistic, and mistrustful. Individualism is conducive to innovation. Innovation is conducive to philosophy, as opposed to say, religion (not to be confused with spirituality). Asking for proofs is itself very philosophical. Doubting the motives of another, not blindly going along with whatever bullshit happens to be spewing from their mouths, is very philosophical.“ **

I agree and sign almost every word you wrote in your post. Southern are made for religion, and religion is opposed to philosophy.

Unfortunately I found your post 20 minutes ago. If I had found it very much earlier, I would not have written so much and would have done very much more in my garden.

Antithesis wrote:

„Philosophy ... can end in a more rational foundation for belief, where as religion begins and ends in faith, in superstition.“ **

Philosophy can end there, where it once began. Such a development is a loop, a circle, a cycle, or a spiral cycle.

Antithesis wrote:

„Philosophers can sometimes go a little too far to 1 extreme, and end up like Pyrrho the skeptic, true, but, what you and some radical rightwingers, and new agers for that matter, are attempting to do, is to reduce philosophy to religion or pure intuition, sentimentality, and that extreme too, ought to be averted. If philosophy wants to remain philosophy, it has to err on the side of doubt, relative to other intellectual and artistic disciplines, but, not too much. You could benefit from a more flexible approach, your speaking and thinking style is quite rigid and cumbersome, loosen up.“ **

He believes in a Nietzscheanian or Nietzscheanistic „society“ which is structured like an aristocracy and led by the posthumously born Nietzsche himself, or by Nietzsche's „son“ „Zarathustra“, or by an agent (a deputy) of Nietzsche.

Is such a construct possible in the long run? What do you think?


Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„Your third region of non »German« culture is Nigeria. They are expected to be the largest country by the end of the century, and strategically, the Air Mountains to the north would persent a near impossible to break backbone for the current NATO tactical synthesis..... if they take them, most of northern Africa will quickly follow. Time Table: 70 years.

They are going to have to fragment more though, they are trying to merge a classical marxist class struggle on oil dividens with christian-islamic division.

There are several countries around them with similar divides, thanks to the influence of french Marxism, russian and chinese cold war marxism.

I believe they will start modernizing their mechanized capacity within a 15 year time table when the US starts offloading its first and second generation strykers on the market as a increase response to African Union demands for increase patrol capacity for its peace keepers and projection of force capacity for a few rapid reaction brigades.

By the end of this 15 year period, the marxists should be at their high point, and population drift should start increasingly occur across international borders. Most will be south and west, causing the UN to encourage camps to the north, and funding will be inadequate.

By the end of the 21st century, whoever controls thd allegiance of the refugee communities, which wont look like camps but states, will control the countryside. The concept of nation wont matter much. They will be in the most immediate position to challenge NATO and ocean based trade along the north african coast.

I dont see why that is so damn exciting though for you. They will have even worst stability issues than the Charlemagne Empire that you two seem to look so fondly (and incorrectly) back to.“ **

I think, Nigeria and other countries in Africa will have no chance because Africa will remain an interesting object of exploitation and a too much corrupted continent.

And even more the Marxists have been being exploiters since the beginning of their existence.


NACH OBEN 418) Arminius, 03.04.2014, 00:11, 01:58, 04:10, 16:06, 16:27, 20:13, 21:20, 22:37 (853-860)


Mr. Reasonable wrote:

„Arm, what the fuck are you talking about?“ **

Lev Muishkin wrote:

„And what the fuck are YOU talking about?“ **

„When’s are you two going to get a room?“ **


Topic: Will machines completely replace all of the human beings?

Logical implication:

If machines are cheaper than human beings, then machines replace human beings.

p = machines are cheaper than human beings.
q = machines replace human beings.
p --› q = machines are cheaper than human beings, thus machines replace human beings.

Truth table for a logical implication:

pqp --› q

We know that machines are cheaper than human beings, and we know that machines replace human beings.

But will all human beings completely replaced by machines? All human beings? All? And completely replaced? Completely? By machines? Machines?

What do you think?


James S. Saint wrote:

„The question as to whether ALL homosapian will be replaced is a bit like asking if the freight train will stop its downhill acceleration before it reaches the cliff.“ **


„Locomotive Breath.

In the shuffling madness //
Of the locomotive breath, //
Runs the all-time loser, //
Headlong to his death. //
He feels the piston scraping, //
Steam breaking on his brow. //

Old Charlie stole the handle. //
And the train won't stop going. //
No way to slow down. //

He sees his children jumping off //
At the stations - one by one. //
His woman and his best friend //
In bed and having fun. //
He's crawling down the corridor //
On his hands and knees. //

Old Charlie stole the handle. //
And the train won't stop going. //
No way to slow down. //

He hears the silence howling, //
Catches angels as they fall. //
And the all-time winner //
Has got him by the balls. //
He picks up Gideon's Bible. //
Open at page one. //

(I said) God (he) stole the handle. //
And the train won't stop going. //
No way to slow down. //

No way to slow down ... //
No way to slow down ....“

Produced by Ian Anderson and Terry Ellis.
Songwriter and singer: Ian Anderson.
Members of Jethro Tull: Ian Anderson,
Martin Barre, Clive Bunker, John Evan,
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond. **

Yeah. Do you know the song „Locomotive Breath“ of the band „Jethro Tull“?

That's exactly the situation. And it doesn't really matter, whether it is merely in „slow motion“ or not.

I remind you of this dialogue:

Arminius wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»In Man's lust to be God (to be the determiner of all things), he finds ways of doing without organic life because organic life is not very controllable.« **

„That's MY thoughts!“ **

Arminius wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»He has found a great many ways and is pursuing very lustfully right now. So it would take quite a phenomenal event to stop his progress toward his own annihilation as well as that of all organic life.« **

„And perhaps the machines, he created, will help him to bring him to his own extinction, his own annihilation. There will be only one way for last men to survive: the way of becoming cyborgs. But then they will be controlled by rationality, namely by machines outside and inside their own bodies.“ **

Arminius wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»One could say (much as it has been said), ›God is Jealous‹ or ›God doesn't tolerate competition‹**

„But the Christians did make their God, who was once an angry God, a kind of pet or toy. The Christian God of the modern times is a nice man with a long beard, and the modern Christians themselves are nice as well - as nice as e.g. Nietzsche's »last men«. So there is NO THYMOS in the world of Christanity, but ONLY EROS, which means that there is no balance or no harmony between this two foci of the ellipse named human soul.“ **

And I remind you of this dialogue:

Arminius wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»Although it is a question of precise detail, I suspect that even the cyborg is not the final form. In the long run, there is no foreseeable need to have even a partial organic body. But perhaps there will be some remnants. The absolutely most efficient form is not friendly to its former self. Once homosapians can no longer procreate with humans (the hue of Man), homosapians are no longer the human species. - The internet is merely a step in that direction.« **

„I didn't want to go in precise details. Anyway there is not necessarily a contradiction between cyborgs and remnants or loss of human procreation (descendants, children).“ **

Do you remember these two dialogues about God, humans, cyborgs, and machines?


James S. Saint wrote:

„My question isn't so much about whether homosapain will exist much longer, but rather if any organic life on Earth will. Androids have sufficient cause and ability to dispense with all organic life completely.“ **

That's an important question and is hidden in my topic because it is possible that machines will outlast („outlive“, „survive“?) all human beings and other beings. And it's known that androids „have sufficient cause and ability to dispense with all organic life completely“ (**), as you said. Machines don’t need any biological (thus: organic) material for being able to remain machines. But they need physico-chemical (thus: inorganic) material. Maybe the machines will annihilate the whole crust of the earth.

James S. Saint wrote:

„Do you remember The Moody Blues ....
And Iron Butterfly ....
Iron Maiden .....“ **

Yes. Especially „In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida“ (Iron Butterfly). Great.

James S. Saint wrote:

„And of course ... »The Day the Earth Stood Still«.“ **



(Non-)Historyboy wrote:

„My question isn't so much about whether homosapain will exist much longer, but rather if any organic life on Earth will. Androids have sufficient cause and ability to dispense with all organic life completely.“ **

„It's likely the reverse of what he's saying“ (Antithesis **). That's it. In almost all cases this „Historyboy“ is wrong.

Why are you not able to notice that nobody agrees with you, boy? NOBODY!

Besides: If I hadn't started to post here, nobody else would have posted here anymore.

I don't care about religion very much. So why should it hurt me? Something else hurts me: your envy, resentments, racism, and sexism.

Stop it!

And learn!

Good luck!


Vollgraff and Nietzsche were dreamers and belonged to the movement of romance (or even of romanticism).

You may try to use or misuse them, but you will never be able to found or install a new religion. There is no chance ..., except this one: you go to the southerners, the real southernern (Africans, Arabs etc.), because they are able to „make“ religion, as you said, but it will take a lot of time.


„Just stay illegally in Germany, read your anachronistic works, and post little nothings .... and get laughed at, and all shall be fine.“ (Contra-Nietzsche **).

Besides: We don't need any religion. We have already got enough of them (and not only from the southerners). So if you really want to found or install your new religion, then you will have the most success in Africa or Arabia. Good luck and goodbye.


If one changes some names, it would be nearly the same message:

The Marxist cries:
„The punishment for not agreeing with Lenin or Marx is DEATH! Watch yourself dying. Turn TV on, you little Last bourgeois.“
The Nietzschean cries:
„The punishment for not agreeing with Nietzsche or Vollgraff is DEATH! Watch yourself dying. Turn TV on, you little Last man.“

That is totalitarian propaganda!

Both - the Marxist and the Nietzschean - are exploiters, depredators, despoilers, looters, harriers, marauders.

Totalitarian propagandists and exploiters are not what we need! I don't want to be exploited, depredated, despoiled and so on!

Both - the Marxist and the Nietzschean - are aggressive haters, filled with envy and resentment, with anger and revenge.

Besides: I have never said that I don't agree with Nietzsche, but I have always said that I (and apparently all other readers of your stupid threads) DON’T AGREE WITH YOU. Either you can't read or „you think you were Nietzsche himself“. One more time: „You don't have to believe in any single word which is written in Nietzsche's books. But you do! Man! Excuse me: Boy! That's fanatic, fundamentally religious as well as fundamentally idolatric. If your idol Nietzsche says „boy, kill yourself“, you will do it immediately.**

I am not very much interested in religions, ideologies etc., which only the southerners always obey.

You always confuse „X“ with „Y“ and change their values and/or virtues because of Nietzsche's order: „Umwertung aller Werte“.

That's all orders you obey.



(Non-)Historyboy wrote:

„Fuck you DOG, fuck you!

p. s.

If I say »he and he said this and that« it only means that you had the chance to understand it for 150 years and you motherfuckers did not manage to do it! Now you are MY DOG!“ **

Is this „boy“ really a Nietzschean? Is he also clinically insane long before his collapse?

Is that the reason why he is allowed to insult, to discriminate against anybody and everybody?***

Contra-Nietzsche wrote:

„It's now quite apparent the core of this text is Nietzsche's last work, and he also goes though alot of effort to track down what Nietzsche's friends and doctors thought of Nietzsche (including a rather hilarious insight to his doctors in thinking that Nietzsche was clinically insane until one sat down and read his works, and realized he was always like that long before his collapse).“ **

Nietzsche was clinically insane long before his collapse.

If one wants to become a Nietzschean, one has to be clinically insane long before one's collapse?

... ....

Let's get out of here!


NACH OBEN 419) Arminius, 04.04.2014, 02:28, 03:13, 17:01, 19:28, 21:18, 23:23 (861-866)


Dan wrote:

„Mr. Reasonable wrote:

»No, I don't think that machines will completely replace all human beings.« **

I see cyborgs taking over.“ **

And what do you see after the take-over of the cyborgs?
A take-over of the androids?
And after the take-over of the androids?



Helper wrote:

„Here's my newest Animation showing eight Hubius Helixes being formed by a spinning/precessing ring of eight ....“ **

And what do the points symbolise? Electrons? Galactic arms?


Hello, James. Do you know, wether Helper means that these eight points in each of the four pictures are symbolising electrons and galactic arms? Helper said: „The energy coming from all the electrons is the same as neutrinos, but on the next level down. Each electron is like a galactic arm of stars, in which there are 50 billion stars or something, and they just do their star thing, fusing and releasing neutrinos.“ **

The following is he said before: „Here's how gravity works in this scenario: There is a flow coming into the earth from all sides that is absorbed by protons. Less of this flow comes out the other side because of this absorption, so there is a gradient towards the center of the planet. Where does the energy come from? From all the electrons in the universe, which are constantly radiating it. Where does the energy go? Back out to the electron of the proton that absorbed it, so that its electron can continue to radiate. It's a fractal, cyclical universe.“ **

A cyclical universe is what I would like the universe „to be“.


James S. Saint wrote:

„I'm pretty sure that he means those points to be electrons. As much fun as it might be, I don't believe in the fractal theory and have substantial reasons not to. And I don't follow how the rest of that theory is supposed to work concerning gravity at all. He'll have to explain it to you.“ **

Anyway, thank you very much, James.

May wishes come true or not. I don't know, whether the fractal theory is right, but I would like it to be.

You know, there are much motions in the universe, and I believe that this motions are cyclic or spiral - both in nature and in culture (incl. civilisation).


James S. Saint wrote:

„Mechanisms need no purpose in order to continue for a very long time; thousands, if not millions of years. They need merely opportunity. People design them that way. People, needing purpose in order to overcome natural entropy, create machines needing no purpose but to defeat entropy.“ **

I know, James. Therefore my question in the original post (op) of this thread. And therefore my question or statement of „surviving“ in my next-to-last post (**), and the questions in my last post (**). The people design and rationalise their own extinction, their own death!

James S. Saint wrote:

„A totally man made machine world, imbued with self interest, »life«, will continue for millions, if not billions of years until there is no longer opportunity.

Those who design your societies think of people and laws as merely mechanisms, but think in terms of people as a combustion fuel, a gasoline engine rather than a magnetic motor. In the form of a magnetic motor, homosapian societies would also last billions of years without death or suffering looming over every generation.“ **

Yes, ..., if there will be no wars etc. ....

James S. Saint wrote:

„An added interesting thought is that since Man can currently absorb energy from nothing but empty space, is designing machines to be 100 times more intelligent and capable than himself, and those machines have no need for purpose, those machines, becoming very efficient at absorbing energy from space and having no concern for consequence, have every reason to become what we call a "Black-hole in space", doing nothing but absorbing energy.

So when they look out in space and they see a black hole, thinking of it as a remnant of a prior event, perhaps the prior event once was a planet with a life on it much the same as Man. Perhaps he is seeing the future state of passion guided organic life, a natural occurring eventual state in the universe - nothing but another »Black-hole in space«, his own future.

Of course that is assuming that he doesn't accidentally create a black-hole of himself before that point in blindly corrupting himself.“ **

And concerning to my question in the original post (op), to my question or statement of „surviving“ in my next-to-last post (**), and the questions in my last post (**), that is also assuming that there will be no human errors (for example: creating machines-with-„self-will“), no wars, no accidents and so on.

Will machines enslave human beings?
Will machines bring the death of all human beings?
Or will the human beings stop creating machines?
Who will longer exist: human beings or machines?

With the utmost probability the machines will „win“.


Kriswest wrote:

„James S. Saint wrote:

»If we created a new race of homosapian, perhaps purple, what do you think would happen? .... Look what happened with the homosexual.« **

You don't think a new homosapian will be created?“ **

Since 1789 Occidental people have tried to create the „new man“ („new human“, „new homo sapiens“). First this „new man“ had to be a nationalist („,bourgeois“), then this „new man“ had to be a communist, and now this „new man“ has to be a globalist.

And? Nothing has been changing since 1789 - except that homo sapiens has been changing more in the opposite direction. So in the end homo sapiens will probably become a monkey - fortunately or unfortunately. Or in the end homo sapiens will perhaps become a cyborg (behaving like a monkey) and/or will die out, become extinct - fortunately or unfortunately.

Kriswest wrote:

„I think the more we explore genetics, the more probable it becomes. They can already tweak genes in the fetuses of animals including humans. I see it as just a matter of time. “ **

This is also a monster-science, a science of Frankenstein & Co. Probably they will also create this „new old monkey“ (see above).


NACH OBEN 420) Arminius, 05.04.2014, 00:25, 00:47 (867-868)


Kriswest wrote:

„They can cure some genetic problems in uterus. In certain countries there are limits to experiments, in other countries there are few to no limits to human, animal experimentation. With enough money, corporations have have set up in such countries. The USA and other countries look the other way from this. Profit and control are why. Science fiction is generally based on science. Scientists say: »Oh cool! I bet we can actually do that!«. And so we have computers, satellites, etc, etc. Oh and with geneticists, they have alot of curiosity and drive. Time is all it will take.“ **

That's a bit too optimistic because such an argument includes always the premise that people are „good people“ but that premise is false because people are good AND bad (evil).


Are you writing, Kriswest?